Free download: new single Brian Wilco by The Gasoline Brothers
Containing seven different versions by cool artists

Itís here: the new single by The Gasoline Brothers: Brian Wilco. And itís a special single , as it contains six covers and remixes of the song by renowned bands. Some time ago, we asked these bands to cover or remix our song Brian Wilco. All of them responded enthousiastically and started working on it. We really love what they did with the song and would like to thank all the bands that contributed very, very much, we owe you, guys!

We would also like to thank Gerben and Tessel Schmidt who made a great video, scroll down to watch it!

Not only is the single available as a silver disc, it is also up for grabs. Download all the songs for free and enjoy our very special Brian Wilco Project!

1. Brian Wilco (single edit) - The Gasoline Brothers
2. Brian Wilco - remix by Geigercounting  [website]
3. Brian Wilco - The Swimmers *  [website]
4. Brian Wilco - Moss  [website]
5. Brian Wilco - El Pino & The Volunteers **  [website]
6. Brian Wilco - remix by Sergeant Petter  [website]
7. Brian Wilco - remix by Ra-X  [website]

* formerly known as One Star Hotel  ** music by El Pino & The Volunteers

Of course, we have a cd sleeve to go with it. Download the files here: [sleeve front] [sleeve back]

If you are interested in obtaining the promo single as a ‘real cd’, drop us a line at

Watch the Brian Wilco video Gerben and Tessel Schmidt made:

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