Beluister en/of download In Our Town, de nieuwe single van The Gasoline Brothers. Het nummer is speciaal geschreven om te vieren dat de Giro d’Italia dit jaar Utrecht als finishplaats aandoet.

Listen to and/or download In Our Town, the new single by The Gasoline Brothers. The song was written to celebrate the finish of a stage of this year's Giro d’Italia in Utrecht.
<a href="">In Our Town by The Gasoline Brothers</a>

Are you a talented cyclist?
Everybody tells us so! Even better: we have proof that you know how to ride a racing bike full speed! Check out this cool video!, filmed by Gerben Schmidt and Matthijs van der Ven. Gerben did all the cool programming stuff.
Matthijs and Gerben also made a cool 'regular' video, watch it on YouTube!

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